Enjoy the Outdoors
Under a Beautiful Pergola

Residential pergolas from Diamond Exteriors showcase artisanal craftsmanship while giving an intimate sense of enclosure. With richly-grained hardwoods, our pergolas stand up beautifully to the elements for years as alluring focal points to enjoy outdoors.

The Unique Benefits of Pergolas

Diamond Exteriors is renowned for designing gorgeous, one-of-a-kind pergolas that provide sheltered outdoor living areas with visual elegance. Our custom-built pergolas enhance spaces like gardens, patios, walkways, and poolscapes with architectural detail that makes a statement. Graceful exposed beams and rafters offer eye-catching geometry under open slatted roofs that filter sunlight and breezes. For homeowners wanting to expand aesthetic living space and entertaining capacity, Diamond Exteriors’ pergola possibilities bring together form, function and haute couture style.


Picket Pergolas

A picket pergola features crisscrossing beams in open squares that form an overhead lattice pattern for airy, filtered shade. Typically, the lower beams are larger, support beams, with smaller slats intersecting them. The open structure allows plenty of natural light. Vines and crawling plants can be trained along the slats, as well.

covered pergolas

Pergolas With covers

Enjoy the open, airy feel of a pergola with some weather protection by adding a fabric shade or plexiglass panels. Specialty exterior fabric panels in weather-resistant materials can be installed along pergola beams. Plexiglass or polycarbonate translucent roof panels allow light to permeate while providing shelter from rain and heavier weather.


Pergolas & More:
Outdoor Living Solutions

Diamond Exteriors LLC is your gateway to elevated outdoor living. Take advantage of our experienced, quality installation services and create the backyard you’ve been dreaming of.

decorative fencing
Decorative Fencing

From timeless wooden fences radiating rustic charm to sleek, modern designs, we tailor each solution to match your style and functional needs.

Custom Deck Design McKinney
Custom Decks

Our skilled craftsmen create decks that seamlessly blend with your home’s architecture, providing an ideal setting to entertain and relax.

Pergola Construction
Enchanting Pergolas

Transform your backyard with a custom pergola. These structures offer shade, character, and a touch of sophistication to your outdoor living space.

durable patio covers
Durable Patio Covers

Elevate your space with a patio cover, expertly tailored to suit your aesthetic preferences while standing strong against nature’s elements.

  • Aesthetic structure for landscaping
  • Provides filtered shade
  • Allows breezes to flow through
  • Extended outdoor living space
  • Options for hanging lights or fans
  • Relaxing area to entertain or dine
  • Choice of materials from wood to vinyl
  • Express personality through design
custom pergolas

Questions About Pergolas?

On average, pergola costs range from the low thousands to several thousand depending on size, custom designs, materials, and additional features like lighting. Get a customized quote.

An arbor is a short garden structure forming an entrance while a pergola is a larger standalone structure offering covered outdoor living space.

Consider lighting, ceiling fans, hanging greenery, an outdoor kitchen, fireplace, TV, curtains and furniture to enhance your pergola.

Properly maintained wood pergolas using cedar, redwood or treated pine lumber will last 15-25 years depending on climate and wood quality before needing replacement.