Create Your Outdoor Living Space
with a Patio Cover
from Diamond Exteriors

Enjoy additional outdoor living area by adding a patio cover to your home. A patio cover creates a shady oasis and expands the ways you can utilize your outdoor space. Diamond Exteriors offers custom designed patio covers that enhance and protect while blending beautifully into the architecture of your home.

Enjoy the Benefits of Patio Covers All Year Long

A covered patio from Diamond Exteriors is the perfect versatile outdoor living space to extend your home. With shade, overhead protection, and airflow, a well-designed patio cover allows you to comfortably enjoy additional months of use compared to an open area. When outfitted with lighting, fans, and outdoor furnishings, you can dine al fresco, relax with a book, host family gatherings, or have parties without worrying about the sun, rain, falling leaves, pollen or other elements. By adding a protected area off the back of your home, you also increase overall square footage and raise property value without undertaking a major renovation project. Ultimately, covered patios deliver more ways to get the most out of your outdoor areas while protecting you from the forces of Mother Nature.

attached patio covers

Attached Patio Covers

An attached patio cover is a versatile outdoor living space that directly connects to your home’s roofline or exterior walls. Attaching the cover ties the structure securely to the house while blending its architecture for a cohesive aesthetic.

freestanding patio covers

Freestanding Patio Covers

A detached patio cover can be a free-standing cover in an outdoor area that’s removed from your house. Or, it can be one that looks like it seamlessly blends with your home, but isn’t actually connected to it by any structure.


Outdoor Living Solutions

Diamond Exteriors LLC is your gateway to elevated outdoor living. Take advantage of our experienced, quality installation services and create the backyard you’ve been dreaming of.

decorative fencing
Decorative Fencing

From timeless wooden fences radiating rustic charm to sleek, modern designs, we tailor each solution to match your style and functional needs.

Custom Deck Design McKinney
Custom Decks

Our skilled craftsmen create decks that seamlessly blend with your home’s architecture, providing an ideal setting to entertain and relax.

Pergola Construction
Enchanting Pergolas

Transform your backyard with a custom pergola. These structures offer shade, character, and a touch of sophistication to your outdoor living space.

durable patio cover construction
Durable Patio Covers

Elevate your space with a patio cover, expertly tailored to suit your aesthetic preferences while standing strong against nature’s elements.

  • Protection from weather, sun, rain & snow
  • Cooling shade for hot days
  • Space to entertain, relax or dine outside
  • Options for lighting & ceiling fans
  • Enhance overall home value
  • Variety of designs to match your home
  • Durable low-maintenance materials
patio covers

Questions About Patio Covers?

The cost of your patio cover will depend on its size, materials, permits needed, electrical or lighting additions and custom design choices. Get a quote for your specific plans.

Patio covers are designed as low maintenance additions to your home. Some periodic cleaning and annual inspection of roof, posts and structure may be needed plus potential replacements after decades of use.

Permits may be required, particularly if your patio cover will be physically attached to your home, so check your local regulations. Even if not, proper process protects safety.

Personalize by coordinating color schemes, incorporating lighting or ceiling fans, adding privacy curtains or roll-down weather shields and building out surrounding cabinetry or kitchens. Diamond Exteriors can add decks, arbors or pergolas, or decorative fencing to hide A/C units or pool equipment.